About Us

Īveja Ltd. was founded in 1993 and is located in North Vidzeme, Latvia. Originally our business was forest logging, but with the changing economic situation we launched the production of sawtimber and semi-finished wood packaging. While looking for ways to expand the product range, we arrived at the production of stakes and posts. With the demand for stakes rising, we decided to focus on this type of product only and cease production of sawtimber.

As part of our continued development, in the summer of 2006 we launched the chemical processing of wood in a pressure chamber.

All the wood required for production is obtained in Latvia and our main raw material supplier is Latvia’s State Forests – a company practising sustainable forestry. Through cooperation with such established and reliable partners we also have obtained the FSC Chain Certificate.

The main markets for our production are the United Kingdom and Ireland.

We want to be recognised by our quality, and see our future as a small but efficient and environmentally friendly processing enterprise.