Chemical treatment of wood

You will always find this label on our packages


Tanalith E is a water-based wood protection material (preservative) containing copper and azoles. Arch Timber Protection has more than 20 years of experience with Tanalith E and it has proven to be an effective and economical wood protector.

Wood impregnation takes place using the “full-cell” high pressure process (Bethell process) in a special machine. 


In order to achieve maximum penetration of the chemical in the sapwood, the pine materials are dried before the treatment. The image shows samples of properly impregnated pinewood materials. Stakes treated as above have the service life of up to 15 years and they are marked as shown in the photograph.

Paraugs apstrādāts ar reaģentu, kas parāda Tanalith E iespiešanās dziļumu koksnē

During the warm season we also use the Sinesto B anti-blueing product, which enables the storage and transportation of the timber without affecting the visual appearance.

Sinesto B